Four-Day Level One Training Course commenced for the umpires

A four-day level one training course commenced for the umpires today at the Afghanistan Cricket Board main office which will continue till the 17th of December. The training will have a last day practical course that will be done through simulation and scenarios.

Home Media International 14 Dec 2020

Four-Day Level One Training Course commenced for the umpires

The four-day training workshop has been organized by the Game Development Department of the Afghanistan Cricket Board. Head of the department Mr. Firdous Ghani said at the opening that it was a proud moment to see such training workshop organized for the first time in Afghanistan for 23 umpires.

He stressed that the objective of such training was to develop the capacity and skills of the umpires at the country.

He addressed the workshop participants:” you are receiving training for national umpires and it is your responsibility to share it with the others in your provinces and districts as part of your national mandate.”

It must be added that the umpires upon graduation from such trainings will be able to serve as umpires at local and international matches.

At the same time it is important to note that the umpires from 18 provinces are participating in this training having already received preliminary trainings and workshops.

The last day of the training will be conducted at Ghazi AmanUllah Khan Cricket Stadium to simulate the scenarios and do practical trainings.