Naseeb Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Biography of Mr. Naseeb Khan, the Chief Executive Officer of the Afghanistan Cricket Board

Naseeb Khan, son of Eisa Khan, is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Afghanistan Cricket Board, who was born in 1989 in Zadran village of Baraki Barak district of Logar province. He originally belongs to the Shwak district in Paktia province, but currently lives in Logar.

Mr. Naseeb Khan accomplished his MSc in Media and Mass Communication from the International Islamic University in Islamabad (IIUI). In addition to that, Naseeb Khan is very good at writing short stories. He has written more than 100 fictions and short stories on the current circumstances in the country, which have been published in various magazines, newspapers and websites.

Mr. Naseeb Khan was appointed as the CEO of the Afghanistan Cricket Board on 20th September 2021, where he started to work on conveying the requisite reforms in the organization. During the initial days of his stint in ACB, Naseeb Khan took the step to hike the Match Fees for the domestic players that were affected by the unfortunate economic situations in the country as compensation for the COVID-shortened 2020-21 domestic season.

Moreover, under his leadership, the ACB worked to revamp the entire board structure and revisited its policy-making to make organizational affairs more transparent. The domestic cricket structure was also restored and the facilities were also upgraded by including a High-Performance Center in Kabul.

Mr. Naseeb Khan upheld close relationships and coordination with the International Cricket Council on game-relevant matters in Afghanistan as well as properly maintained relationships with other ICC Member nations for bilateral commitments. The Player Pathway and the National Selection policy were also upgraded which saw the rise and emergence of numerous new and talented cricketers to the national team over the last year, which enhanced the performance of the senior team on the global stage.

The Naseeb Khan-led organization has put on an extensive struggle to expand the game of cricket to all parts of the country by providing infrastructure facilities to Khost and Kandahar provinces as well as constructing and reconstructing the cricket grounds and academies in various provinces.

Mr. Naseeb Khan aims to contribute to the development of the game in Afghanistan. He believes that cricket is the “Love of our people” and has played a vital role in bringing the nation together. “Afghanistan cricket has experienced a rapid rise in the cricketing world and the reason behind this success is the passion & dedication of the Afghan players that they made every impossible possible.” He added.

“I would suggest the younger generation of the country to take every step in their life with full sincerity, whether it’s opting for playing cricket or deciding to be engaged in other occupations. The youngsters are assets of this country, they need to invest their energy in positive affairs, whether it is sports, education or any other profession. If they work hard, they will definitely touch the peaks of success, which in return pays back in the development of our beloved country, Afghanistan.”

Hoping for a developed, prosperous and peaceful Afghanistan…