Akbar Mohammad Paktian

Commercial Manager

Mr. Paktian is leading the sales and marketing department of the Afghanistan Cricket Board as Manager. His key responsibilities are partnering with world-leading brands for cricket events sponsorships both short-term and long-term. As a manager, His other duties are to set coordination and cooperation schemes among multiple stakeholders to ensure the reliable and efficient implementation of commercial projects. Developing the team’s capacity and providing a working environment are his key focus areas.

14 years ago, He started as a self-motivated and disciplined team player. Always curious about things surrounding His functional area. Always tried and focused on innovating and simplifying. That was the reason He never struggled with career promotion. As a manager He built and maintained an inclusive cultural environment where His subordinates and colleagues felt motivated, empowered, and entrusted. Strived to hire, developed, and maintained highly skilled and capable teams.

He has always been entrusted with the most critical (transformation projects) projects like MTN Geographical Expansion, ERICSSON managed services transition, HUAWEI Data Packet Inspection, and Policy Control, MOORE Global Afghanistan corporate planning and business development, and TETRA TECH Afghanistan Civil Aviation Enterprise Solution.

He has developed the capabilities of handling and maintaining the most critical operations. He was leading the service delivery department of MTN for 8 years, the SAP Value-Added Reseller and implementation team for 3 years, and governed Ericsson-managed services for 4 years.