ACB Chairman visits Tajikistan

The Afghanistan Cricket Board Chairman Azizullah Fazli received a warm welcome upon his arrival in Dushanbe during an official visit to the neighboring country, Tajikistan.

Addressing the media, Mr. Fazli said: “ACB will assist the Tajikistan Cricket Federation, which is a member of the Asian Cricket Council, in technical and other relevant fields as required so that Tajikistan also sees growth in cricket development. We will also seek to extend our assistance to other countries in the region such as Uzbekistan. “

The President of the Tajikistan Cricket Federation, Mr. Najibullah Rozee thanked the ACB delegation for their visit to the country and support with growth of the game in the Central Asian country.

The visit by the ACB delegation is part of the efforts of the Afghanistan Cricket Board to help the International Cricket Council (ICC) in developing the game of cricket in Central Asia.