Mohammad Shahzad to return to cricket in January 2018

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has announced that Afghanistan’s wicket-keeper
batsman Mohammad Shahzad has been suspended for twelve months from all cricket related
activities after admitting the violation of ICC’s anti-doping code. The twelve month suspension
period begins from 17 January 2017, when Mr. Shahzad had provided a urine sample, and ends
on 16 January 2018; therefore, allowing him to return to cricket on 17 January 2018.

Mr Shahzad’s evidence satisfied ICC that he did not intentionally consume the prohibited
substance, Clenbuterol, which was found in the result of the urine sample he provided for the
test. He also accepted that he failed in his personal responsibility as an international cricketer to
avoid the anti-doping violation.

The chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), Shukrullah Atif Mashal, said: “whilst we are
glad that Mohammad Shahzad will return to cricket next year, who has a massive fan following
around the world because of his talent and the entertaining cricket he plays; it is also of utmost
importance for all players to understand the series consequences anti-doping activities carry.
Afghanistan Cricket Board will ensure, in coordination with ICC, that players are fully educated
about ICC’s zero-tolerance policy on anti-doping to avoid similar cases in the future.”

ACB is committed to introduce ant-doping tests for elite level players as well as during domestic
first class competitions to make sure none of the players are involved in any anti-doping
violations in the future.