Zabul and Helmand Cricket Grounds

ACB has planned to construct Cricket Ground in Zabul province in 2016, therefore; the provincial government of Zabul dedicated 25 jerib land for cricket ground in the mentioned province.

After the initial survey done by the ACB technical engineers, it was found that the dedicated land requires huge amount for leveling (Cut& Fill) of the ground, therefore, the project is now postponed to 2017.

Since ACB did not has enough budget for the construction of cricket grounds in Helmand and Zabul provinces, hence; two proposal were submitted to Ministry of Counter Narcotics (MCN) for funding the construction projects of the mention provinces.

Ministry of Counter Narcotics approved 7, 00,000 USD for each ground, the projects are in the procurement process.

The projects include:


  1. Two stories pavilion which has:
  • Two teams dressing rooms and one room for umpires with attached washrooms.
  • Physio rooms for each team.
  • Kitchen for each team.
  • Ground staff rooms.
  • VIP Stand
  • Commentators’ Room
  • Scorers’ room.
  1. Ground outfield which has:
  • 80 meter round boundaries.
  • 3 playing wickets.
  • Manual water supply & Irrigation system.
  • Outfield surrounding fence.
  1. Audience stand: with crowd capacity of 8000 spectators at a time.