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Building Capacity of Coaches and ACB Technical

To develop a coordinated program to recruit, train and build capacity for coaches, umpires, grounds staff and officials.

The ACB sees capacity development in every area of cricket to be of the highest importance. The recent history of Afghanistan has created a lack of standards and capacity in many areas of life in our country. The ACB sees that this is also an issue for the game of cricket. 

In the words of the Afghan National Development Strategy: “Real independence, stability and development depend on the ability of Afghan people and organizations to manage their own affairs successfully and independently.”

This will continue to be an ongoing issue over the coming 5 years. It will include the following strategies:

  • Substantially increasing the number of active qualified coaches and umpires through improved recruitment.
  • Planning and developing training courses to improve coaching at all levels
  • Using the skills of former national and high level players as coaches

 Finding individuals who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable of the game and encourage them to become active as coaches, umpires, scorers and grounds staff.