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Afghanitan National Cricket Academy

The Afghanistan National Cricket Academy holds clinics and coaching programs at ideal venues that work best to facilitate and stretch the learning curve of even the most mature and seasoned cricketers. As a major patron to world-class cricket, Afghanistan also boasts some of the finest major cricket venues that the Academy utilises for its coaching and training purposes. 

Young Cricketers can look forward to honing their skills in none other than the highly revered stadiums and cricket pitches. Uniquely innovative and the first of their kind “Indoor School facilities” further aid in the training process and are a permanent feature of the program. Some of the venues where cricketers can expect to train while in Afghanistan include:

  • Kabul Indoor School, Kabul
  • Ghazi Amanullah Khan Cricket Academy, Nangarhar 
  • Logar Cricket Academy I & II, Logar 
  • Kunduz Cricket Academy, Kunduz 
  • Kandahar Cricket Academy, Kandahar 
  • Sarobi Cricket Academy, Sarobi 
  • Kapisa Cricket Academy, Kapisa
  • Herat Cricket Academy, Herat
  • Parwan Cricket Academy, Parwan
  • Badakhshan Cricket Academy, Badakhshan
  • Taakhar Cricket Academy, Taakhar
  • Ghazni Cricket Academy, Ghazni
  • Khost Cricket Stadium, Khost 
  • Kunar Cricket Academy, Kunar 

Outdoor practice has its own advantages and importance for the development of technical and physical skills. This facility is extensively used to fine tune even the most advanced players' skill level. For this purpose, three pitches of international standards have been laid in the area, which can also be used for fielding and physical exercises.


It is fully-equipped with most modern and latest machines to facilitate all-season physical and cardio strength training, which are essential to the demanding stamina required for the program.

Swimming Pool

Swimming remains an important exercise for stamina building, endurance and overall fitness. Swimming is also a way to recover from injuries, or just to relax. It revs up your whole body without overstraining any particular organ.

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