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About Afghanistan Cricket Board

Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) is Associate member of International Cricket Council (ICC). Afghanistan Cricket Board is leading the entire progress of cricket in Afghanistan. ACB administers all aspects of Afghan cricket, men and women, both in the professional and amateur spheres.
In the 1990s, cricket became popular amongst the Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan, and the Afghanistan Cricket Board was formed there in 1995 and continued to play cricket on their return to their home country. Afghanistan Cricket Federation was elected as an affiliate member of the ICC.

Head of Afghanistan Cricket Board

  2014 - Onward Mr. Nasimullah Danish


 2014 - Onward Mr. Shafiq Stanikzai

National Captains:

 2015 - Onward Mr. Asghar Stanikzai
 2013 - 2015 Mr. Mohammad Nabi
 2007 - 2013 Mr. Nowroz Mangal

National Coaches:

 2005 - 2008 Mr. Taj Malik Alam
 2008 - 2011  Mr. Kabir Khan
2011 - 2012 Mr. Rashid Latif
2012 - 2014 Mr. Kabir Khan
2014 - 2015 Mr. Andy Mole
2015 - 2016  Mr. Inzamam-Ul-Haq
2016 - Onward