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Shafiqullah Stanikzai

Chief Executive, Afghanistan Cricket Board

Cricket has a shed a great impact on Afghanistan society; which not only lead Afghan youth to the right destination but also played a great in the national unity. In our Cricket history each player is a hero and each of them has done their duties nicely. They have come to the top level Cricket after passing many difficult steps and have brought achievements to Afghanistan after lots of hard work and challenges.

The last decade was a fantastic period of the development of Afghan Cricket and we are all part of the tough pathway toward success. Today with the young team in the structure of a well- organized organization we are responsible for more success and achievements and we are implementing new policies and strategies for more effectiveness of our activities.

We have served our potential in each stage of the past, and now have intentions for developing the game more interesting and have more success. We will have achievements both on national and international level on the basis of our plans and will have another stage of success.

Our main focus is on the improvement of the national team along with the organizational structure and to meet all required criteria for getting the full membership. Our organization is strong and will get stronger, our aim to have historical achievements on the basis of our new initiatives to be part of the great process.

Looking forward to a successful Afghanistan and national players in each part of the world.

Chief Executive Message