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New Members Afghanistan Cricket Board Assigned

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Decree of The President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on the appointment of new ACB Board Members

For the sake of empowerment and development of the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB); and with the aim of expanding sports spirit and positive competition among the youth; and based on Paragraph No. 13 of Article No. 64 of Afghanistan Constitution; the following people are approved as Board Members for the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB): 

1.  Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,
2.  Hekmat Khalil Karzai, Deputy Foreign Minister, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,
3.  Sayed Sadat Mansur Naderi, Minister of Urban Development, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, 
4.  Dr. Abdul Ali Mohammadi, Legal Advisor, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, 
5.  Feraidoon Elham, Deputy Director General of Administrative Affairs Department on Public Awareness,
6.  Nasimullah Danish, Chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), 
7.  Abdul Rahman Alkozay, National Businessman, 
8.  Sayed Salman Sadad, President Afghan Jet International Airlines,
9. Ahmad Shah Sangdel, President of Dunya University. 

The Board Members are to perform their duties considering the independence of ACB and based on International Cricket norms; and should contribute to the growth and development of cricket in the country by taking useful and consistent policies. 

 Mohammmad Ashraf Ghani
 President of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

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