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Helping Widows and Orphan to Make the Better World – Karim Sadiq

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Karim Sadiq wants to do Social Work After his Retirement

“One who cares for widows and the poor is like those who fight in the way of Allah.”

Playing cricket is my passion but helping widows, poor and the orphan is Jehad and my core responsibility as mentioned in Quran” Says Karim Sadiq.

After earning his name and fame in Afghanistan cricket, Sadiq wants to set a record in social welfare works as he established Karim Sadiq Foundation with the aim of educating and enriching the lives of the poor people of Afghanistan.

“I wish to enter politics, however, some well-wishers and close friends have advised me against it. In my eyes, a politician is a public servant and he should serve people,” he told Afghanistan Cricket Board media.

The cricketer is aware that he even without politics, he can serve his people through his social work. Hence, he is also keen to establish a school for the orphan children in the war affected region like, Helmand, Urozgan and Nangrahar.

“I am fit and playing for my country, and this is my dream to see Afghanistan flag climb in every field of life. I am playing cricket whether it is at the national or domestic level or leagues, I think I am fit for the game,” he added.

Karim Sadiq has played 24 One Day International matches, 56 T20, 34 Twenty20 International, 10 first class and 45 List A in a career spanning 7 years.

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