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Peace and Life Charity match for Helmand and Uruzgan

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Peace and Life Charity match is to be held on November 4, 2016 in Alokozay - Kabul International Cricket Stadium to raise funds for victimized families of Helmand and Uruzgan.

"We are providing a platform to connect directly victimized families and serve the affected families of the community in Afghanistan. We want to help foster a connected community where business community and individual work together and help Afghanistan.

Azizullah Fazli, Acting Chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board said, “Cricket is sign of Peace in Afghanistan and we are promoting peace and prosperity through cricket. All the ticketing income and donor’s money will be donated to the affected people of Kunduz.”

“Our mission is to make the lives easier, and we requesting everyone to contribute in this holy cause and help affected families of Helmand and Uruzgan.” said Dost Nazari, Deputy CEO of Afghanistan.

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