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“We are promoting fitness awareness culture among all Afghan sportsmen, and this is my wish to see all Afghan fit. Fitness is based on proper training, experience and qualified trainers.” S&C Coach said.

Cricket besides, all its technicalities and rules is also about fitness, stamina, keeping your calm and maintaining concentration through those hours of stress, physical efforts and unpredictability. Cricketers have been working their days and nights giving their sweat and blood to give their best to the game.

Here are The Men of Steel; 5 Fittest emerging Under-19 Cricketers in Afghanistan.

1. Qais Ahmad

Qais Ahmad, 16 leg-spin all-rounder great stamina since he can play long 4-Day innings when a draw is needed. He follows a healthy diet that consists a breakfast, milk and honey, for lunch and dinner he generally has mutton or chicken BBQ. It serves both keeping him contented without affecting his weight, and is also low on fats. Besides, the fun fact is he loves cooking.

2. Shamas Karokhel

Shams Karokhel, 16 is Right-arm offbreak Afghanistan Under-19 team player. The big secret of his fitness includes 5 Kilometers long running twice a week and gym conditioning training. He takes his fitness very seriously. All the sports that Shams has played includes running, he comes from a family where fitness is necessary.

3. Naveen Ul Haq

Naveen Ul Haq, 17 Right-arm medium-fast born 23 September 1999 is an Afghan cricketer, belief “build strength because we need excellent body to bowl well and made a powerful body to avoid injuries.” He made his One Day International (ODI) debut for Afghanistan against Bangladesh on 25 September 2016. Prior to his ODI debut, he was part of Afghanistan's squad for the 2016 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. He is prominent for his health. He has a regular diet focusing on proteins.

4. Ikram Faizi

Ikram Faizi, 16 born September 20, 2000 is Left-hand batsmen and wicketkeeper. The passionate, attacking Afghan batsman and a brilliant fielder takes his fitness with full sincerity. Mr. Faizi follows a strict routine, a combination of both weights and cardio exercises with four-day workout and two days, rest, as he believes that recovery and resting is equally important, as said by his Strength & Conditioning trainer, Faizi is the one with the healthiest diet among all the Afghan Under-19 players. He has a discipline for his fitness, and unlike his lifestyle he refuses to compromise on diet plan. His workouts also include playing games as well, staying hydrated is another requirement.

5. Zahid Khan

Zahid Khan young player in Afghanistan Under-19 squad is Left-Hand opener and Right-arm offbreak.

He has a list to his diet which includes, no fats, fresh juice, playing games, protein drinks, variety in meal, his love for milk products and carbo loaded dry fruits. His form, strength of the hits, energy in running between the wickets and the calm and cool mind tells us the story of his fitness from outside as well as within.

It is also believed that Mr. Khan is a self-healer and does not rely on drugs to cure his injuries and says that being fit comes from the mind, and the moment I get to a state where I am feeling fit, I’ll be fit.

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