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Afghan cricketer completed Level 2 coaching course

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“For me coaching is something I enjoy, level two coaching is qualification that all of us as professional cricketer should have, we learn so much in level I training.” Hasti Gul Abid.

 Afghanistan Cricket Board nominated 13 professional cricketers and coaching staff for five days level two coaching course held in India. 
 The course allowed current national cricket team players Hamid Hasan and Afghanistan all-rounder Mirwais Ashraf to gain level two coaching qualifications.
 “It’s a qualification that all of us as professional cricketers should have. We learn so much about the game, gain a broader knowledge of not only the standard we play but also people who have played below and above us. I think that’s crucial in our progress as a cricketer. 
Afghan’s cricket will benefit from qualifying as a level two coach after an intensive course that designed by the professional coaching team of International Cricket Council, professional players and coaching staff of Afghanistan Cricket Board. 
The costs of the course at India will be covered by Afghanistan Cricket Board, current players Hamid Hassan, Mirwais Ashraf, and other past players including Hasti Gul Abid, Khaliq Dad Noori, Said Rahmand Ahmadzai, Nazim Jaar, Dawood Babar, Sardar Stanikzai, Sherullah Ziaul Haq, Zmaraili, Rozi Khan and Qari Jamaludin to strengthen skills and gain the qualification of level two coaching.
“I think it is crucial to emphasize 100% because the chances are this will create an opportunity down the line for cricketer when we finish cricket to coach local club, an academy and from there it is great to keep players within the game”, Mirwais Ashraf said.
“I believe we lose too many players to other businesses and industries who have very valuable knowledge and I think to give back, especially to younger generations and second teams is huge, given that cricket has given me so much.”
 Dawlat Ahmadzai, Afghanistan’s coaching staff lead and head of selection committee, was responsible for devising the five days course run by ICC senior coaching staff Aminul Islam, Raju from ICC and Dawlat Khan Ahamdzai from ACB. 
“The course is a great success with some outstanding ideas being thrown around and coaching of the highest quality. The participants really enjoyed hearing new ideas and seeing different ways of coaching certain skills and I know that it was also really good for the course presenters who were able to see things coached in a way that they may not have seen before.” Said Dawlat Ahmadzai

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