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Kabul: Afghanistan cricket board donated cricket gear to orphan children in Achina Orphan House in Kabul, Afghanistan. 

Children love cricket and they want to play like Shahzad Mohammadi and Hamid Hassan. They always demand for cricket equipment however we do not have funds to purchase cricket equipment for the orphan’s children.” admin assistant of Achina House narrated to ACB’s representative Nesar Afghan

I must thank Afghanistan Cricket Board management for providing cricket gear, now they are able to play with their new bat and ball,

Cricket is a mere game and Afghan society is one of the talented societies on earth who love this game. Cricket passion is high and we have very bright future in domestic cricket.” said Nasimullah Danish Chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board.

Equipping orphans with cricket gear is unique power of sport to help young people recover from tragedy and hardship.” Shafiq Stanikzai CEO Of Afghanistan Cricket Board Said.

Hamid Rashidy Admin Manager said, “Like many young boys from Afghanistan, cricket had always been a passion for youngster as they grew up. Now it would come to be source of strength as well. Now if anyone wants to donate cricket gear we can just put them in touch with Orphan Houses in Afghanistan.

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