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The Message of Afghanistan Cricket Board Chairman Regarding Independence Day

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Independence is the basic right of every human being. Life without independence has no colors and development is impossible without living in an independent atmosphere. We are independent nation and each person of the nation has the sense of independence in its blood. Life without independence is meaningless.
  Our history is full of prides for us. Our ancestors have done their best for maintaining independence which is won by giving lots of lives for the motherland. I am proud to be an Afghan, an independent citizen of my motherland where I live with independence of right and with the sense of developmen
t. My motherland is an independent land and my independence is the pride of my nation. This is what makes me live free in the world. 

Dear Afghans!
 Congratulations for the 96th independence day. Long life to our independent homeland Afghanistan. 

Nasmiullah Danish 
Chairman, Afghanistan Cricket Board

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