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Afghanistan Cricket Chairman Visits Khost Province

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 Chairman Afghanistan Cricket Board Mr. Nasimullah Danish has visited Khost province regarding Cricket activities in the province. During this visit he has done activities described in the report below:

Visiting Khost National Cricket Ground: The chairman visited the national Cricket ground at Khost. He met the engineers and advised them for improving the quality. 
Meeting Governor of Khost: Chairman had a meeting with the governor of Khost province Mr. Hukam Khan Habibi. He discussed various issues with the governor including requesting some field for constructing academy at Khost. The governor welcomed the request and promised they will get to back to ACB after consulting with their technical team.
Visiting Khost Cricket Academy: During the visit chairman observed academy. The chairman promised to solve the problems and told the related officials to submit their request regarding missing facilities to the head office of ACB.
Opening of Private Cricket League: A private league name as “Khost Premiere League” was inaugurated by the chairman. The matches are played in a newly constructed private Cricket ground in Khost city. The chairman asked the traders for arranging more such games which will be helpful for rising new talent in the country.
Press Conference: The chairman also participated in a press conference. Journalists, civil society members, the members of provincial council, Cricket players and youth of the provinces in the conference were amongst the attendees. Journalists asked various questions from the chairman which were given convincing answers. Along with other suggestions and requests, the construction of pitches at the capital city and Zazai Maidan district were also requested from the chairman. 
Program for Journalists: A special program was arranged for the journalists for their motivation regarding their support for Cricket. The chairman presented appreciation letters to the journalists at the end of the program. Visiting Khost University: The chairman also visited Khost University. The university students asked for support regarding Cricket facilities. The chairman promised to provide Cricket facilities to the students.
 Afghanistan Cricket Board thanks Mr. Abdul Wali Wahidzai (member of Khost provincial council), Mr. Faizullah Ghariat (Chief of Khost Police), Mr. Faiz Mohammad Sahoo (Assistant to chief of Police) and Mr. Yaqoob (Chief of Security) for their support for making the visit of chairman successful.
During his arrival from Khost province, the chairman along with the delegation also visited Paktia Cricket activities. He gave a press conference and said the construction of Paktia Cricket stadium and Cricket academy will be considered as the top priorities.

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